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Our next show is scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd at Spanish Village in Balboa Park.  Please visit the Upcoming Shows page for all the details.  Thank you!



New Collection!  I just found a new source on Bali for beautiful granulation work whereby tiny "granules" of silver are fused to silver beads.  Perfect for lovely earrings!


N506 Turquoise, Thai & Balinese Silver Necklace $295 - SOLD  (Possible special order - not posted elsewhere.)


N504 Custom Aquamarine Hoi Mata Amulet Necklace $795
(Sold - not posted elsewhere.)

N503 Custom Freshwater Pearl Five Heart Necklace - $135
(Sold - not posted elsewhere.)


E301 Balinese Granulated Sterling Silver and Bone Post Earrings (SOLD) - $85





N468 Custom Fluorite Hanuman Amulet Necklace $350
(Sold - not posted elsewhere.)


N449 Custom Smokey Quartz & Garnet Vintage Dog Pendant $195  (Sold - not posted elsewhere.)





N465 Custom Labradorite Tribal Silver Necklace - $295
(A special order for a similar piece may be possible.  Not posted elsewhere yet.)

N458 Custom Blue Chalcedony & Balinese Silver Wire-wrapped 22" Necklace - $400 (Sold - shown unfinished - not posted elsewhere.)




N457 Custom Carnelian & Amethyst with Balinese Silver "Contessa" Necklace - $195  
(SPECIAL ORDER - not posted elsewhere yet.)

E280 Custom Carnelian & Balinese Silver Earrings - $65
(SPECIAL ORDER - not posted elsewhere yet.)

N456 Custom African Turquoise & Obsidian Seven-Mothers-and-a-Guardian Vintage Amulet Necklace - $325 
(SOLD - not posted elsewhere.)

N455 Custom Iolite Thai Silver Spiral Necklace - $325
(SOLD - not posted elsewhere.)

E279 Iolite New-Style Dorea Earrings - $59
(Not posted elsewhere yet.)


N439 Custom Nepalese Brass Lion with Turquoise - $285 (SOLD - not posted elsewhere)

N441 Custom Variscite Durga Amulet Necklace - $295 (SOLD - not posted elsewhere)



A collection of vintage Vishnu's Footprints amulets from India that are available for custom orders.  These will be featured in my upcoming email.  Not subscribed yet?  To join my "Merry Band of Jewelry Lovers," click here.  Thanks!



N413 Smokey Quartz & Black Spinel Necklace - $175 (SOLD)  (A special order for a design in amethyst may be possible.)

New Collection! I was so smitten by these brass repoussé animals from Nepal that I just had to go on "jewelry safari."  Each one of these pieces is hand-hammered into these amazing forms -- an art well worth preserving.

My latest amulet shipment from India taped to cardboard and wrapped in the local newspaper.  And look!  Saris were just on sale, and they were celebrating their independence day.

The same amulets after cleaning and polishing along with my first gemstone selections.  From top left: Durga with dangles, gold wash with silver Double Diety amulet with bronzite, Bhumiya Raj Hero with dangles, beautifully worn Goddess amulet, Goddess amulet with dangles, Seven-Mothers-and-a-Guardian amulet with mixed gemstones.  You can click on the image to see it larger.  

N364 Custom Ruby Adisesha Amulet Necklace - $525 
(Sold, and not posted elsewhere.)

Just received a shipment of amulets from India yesterday.  
I thought you might get a kick out of seeing how they sometimes arrive.  This shipment is taped face-down to cardboard, and wrapped in the local newspaper.  If you click on the photo, you can see the women in their beautiful saris wading waist-deep in monsoonal rains.

N355 Custom 33.5" Turquoise & Thai Silver "Surin Sky" Necklace - $425 (A similar special order may be possible.  Not shown elsewhere.)


(New longer version - can be worn long or doubled!)

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